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New APD Policy Requires Written Consent for Vehicle Searches: A Williamson County Criminal Attorney Comments

This thursday, July 19, 2012, Austin Police Department’s Chief of Police, Art Acevedo announced a new policy.  Starting next month, the new policy will require APD officers to obtain consent to search vehicles in writing. This policy can have a dramatic impact on all manner of criminal cases including, possession of marijuana, possession of a…

Texas Police Officer Arrested for DWI: DWI News Update

As a regular part of serving others as a DWI DUI Defense Attorney, I often speak with and cross examine police officers.  I often review the reports they write and actions they take.  I hear them explain in great detail they investigation they did to reach the opinion that one of my clients was intoxicated….

Williamson County Juvenile Placement Facilities: Brookhaven Youth Ranch


This blog entry is the first in a series where I provide further information on the various placements to which Williamson County sends juveniles found to have committed crimes or engaged in delinquent conduct.   As a juvenile defense attorney who regularly practices in Williamson County, I know how stressful and confusing the disposition process can…

A Change to the Texas Parole System? This Texas Parole Attorney Hopes So

The legislature may change the Parole system.  Again.  Already, those seeking to understand the convoluted and confusing parole system often face a maze of mid-level officials, each of which gives them a different story.  As a Texas parole attorney, I am often asked to help those faced with a parole officer threatening to revoke their…

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