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Austin Georgetown Texas DWI Defense Lawyer FAQ Information DWI FAQ: Important information about DWI and your rights.
Austin Georgetown Texas DWI Tips Defense Lawyer Information DWI Survival Tips: Important information you need at your fingertips if you are ever subject to a DWI investigation or accused of an alcohol related crime.  Know this information before the investigation begins.  Read it. Review it.  Print it and Keep it in your glove box

Arrested for DWI Defense in Georgetown, Round Rock, or Cedar Park, Texas

If you or a loved one been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated in Williamson or Travis County, Texas, you have questions and concerns:

  • Are you worried about the outcome of the DWI case?
  • Are you confused about whether or not your license will be suspended and for how long?
  • Do you have questions about the court process for DWIs in Texas?
  • Would you like to know more about DWI in Texas?

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DWI Defense in Georgetown, Round Rock, or Cedar Park, Texas

John C. Prezas defends clients accused of DWI in Williamson County, Travis County, and other central Texas counties. By limiting his focus to central Texas and DWI laws, he can guide you through presenting the best possible defense in your DWI case.

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Worried about the consequences of DWI in Texas

If you are like most people arrested for DWI in Central Texas, you are feeling angry, confused, mistreated, and fearful of what may happen next. Many people arrested for DWI have never been in trouble with the law before and have no idea what to expect. Even those more knowledgeable about the criminal justice system may still feel uncertain about the specifics of a DWI charge.

Some people worry that they may have done poorly on the sobriety tests the officers gave them on the roadside, or may worry about the result of the breath or blood test they gave. Some might worry that factors other than alcohol make their case look worse, such as illness, injury, age, or disability.

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A DWI arrest does not mean you are guilty

Every case is different. You need a skilled DWI defense attorney to stand up for your rights in court. The prosecutors have vast resources, equipment, and “experts” at their disposal. They know how to intimidate newer lawyers or lawyers not well versed in the latest in Texas Driving While Intoxicated law and Driving While Intoxicated defense. Texas prosecutors handle these types of cases every day. They are ready and willing to use against you all of the legal fine points and technicalities available to them.

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Your DWI case is not hopeless

John C. Prezas provides strong DWI defense in Williamson County, Texas. He will review your case and raise a variety of issues to help strengthen your defense. Depending on the facts of your DWI case, these may include:

  • Did the officer have a legal basis to stop your car
  • Did the officer detain you for too long before developing further legal basis to continue to restrict your freedom to leave
  • Did the officer illegally search you or your vehicle
  • Was the officer properly trained to give Field Sobriety Tasks
  • Did the officer properly administer the Field Sobriety Tasks
  • Did the officer read you your Miranda rights before questioning you
  • Did the officer properly inform you of your rights regarding the breath or blood test
  • Was the officer who gave you the breath test certified to do so
  • Was the machine that analyzed your breath or blood working properly, properly maintained, and properly calibrated
  • Were the people operating, servicing or maintaining, and reading the machine properly trained and certified to do so
  • Did the officer gather appropriate evidence of all the things the State has to prove to convict you
  • And many, many more . . .

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An experienced Central Texas DWI defense attorney

As a former Williamson County prosecutor, I have tried many DWI cases at both the misdemeanor and felony level and have negotiated plea agreements on thousands more. I am well versed in the complex science and legal procedures involved in these cases. I know how prosecutors evaluate and prepare these cases, how they prepare and present their evidence, and what arguments they are likely to make to a judge or jury.

Let me put this knowledge to work for you, evaluating the evidence against you and providing you with sound advice regarding your rights and your legal options.

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An intelligent Austin Texas DWI DUI defense lawyer

After a DWI arrest you are facing a lot of evidence, much of it technical, and all the resources of the state bearing down on you. It means you need an intelligent and experienced defense attorney who can understand all the complexities of these cases, ensure that your rights are respected, and provide you with a strong defense tailored to the specific facts and circumstances of your particular case.

Prosecutors will attempt to use a host of video and scientific evidence, in addition to police officer testimony, against you. If the police took a sample of your breath or blood, the prosecutors will likely have one or more state funded experts to testify about the results their lab obtained when they ran tests to determine your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC).

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A tailored DWI Defense

Every county in Texas handles DWI cases differently. You need a defense attorney who understands the best way to handle your DWI case given the facts of your case and the county in which you were arrested.

  • Free case evaluation for Williamson County, Texas DWI/DUI.
  • Free case evaluation for Travis County, Texas DWI/DUI.
  • Free case evaluation for Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Texas DWI/DUI.
  • Free case evaluation for Austin, Texas DWI/DUI.
  • Free case evaluation for Central Texas DWI/DUI.

Don’t let your Austin, Williamson County, or Central Texas DWI ruin your life. I will fight to help you keep your license and your freedom. Call (512) 686-0105.

A dedicated Texas DWI defense attorney

John C. Prezas can find ways to fight the suspension of your license, seek permission from the court allowing you to drive even while your license is suspended, and seek a reduction or dismissal of your case. He will fight for your rights and protect your freedom.

Don’t settle for the first attorney you meet or the cheapest attorney you can find. Don’t try to handle things alone. Call John C. Prezas now to have a knowledgeable, skilled Texas DWI attorney at your side. Let him look for ways to turn those same legal fine points and technicalities to your advantage.

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DWI defense attorney John C. Prezas can help you today

John C. Prezas is an experienced criminal lawyer who has tried numerous DWI and alcohol related cases, both misdemeanors and felonies in Williamson and Travis counties. He is a Harvard Law Graduate and former Williamson County Texas prosecutor. John has seen these cases from both sides. He knows how prosecutors operate, what tactics, arguments, and strategies they use. He stands ready to put that knowledge to work for you, putting forth the strongest defense possible, tailored to the specific facts of your DWI case.

Read more about John.

With an experienced Driving While Intoxicated lawyer like John C. Prezas at your side, you can stand confidently, without fear of the unknown, and make an informed decision about how to handle your case, secure in knowing you’ve done all you can to seek the best outcome possible given the facts and circumstances of your case. You can rest easy because you’ve had your case reviewed, analyzed, and handled by John C. Prezas, an experienced Texas DWI defense lawyer.

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